Whether you’re just hitting the starting blocks or you’re well down the track, you’ll need a winning plan, a thirst for continual improvement and tools and training to make 2015 your best year yet! That’s where Connective Conference 2015 comes in.

To help you reach your Personal Best, we’ve create a strategic game plan – The Connective Learning Program. We understand that your Personal Best in your business is unique to your personal goals. You may want to hit record settlements. Or grow your business with diversification. Or perhaps you want to achieve new standards and efficiencies in compliance and sales. Whatever your goals for 2015, our Connective Learning Program will support you in reaching them. And exceeding them. Achieving a new Personal Best is our aim – to help you do better in business today than you have ever done before.

Our Connective Conference 2015 is here to help you hit your PB for 2015. There’ll be coaches, and we’ll track how you’re going. We’ll set bench marks, and give you the tools and training and equipment you need to help you meet and exceed them. You’ll be playing alongside other industry leading brokers, and you’ll be motivated by them to set the bar higher than you thought possible. We’ll create a game plan to help you come out ahead. One that’s specific to your goals and your business, a plan that helps you exceed your previous Personal Best throughout the year.

Why attend a Connective Conference?

To find out what all the fuss is about, check out our About Conference 2015 page or watch our Connective Conference 2014 Highlights video below.